A Finshing Coat for Digital Print

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From Graphic Arts Monthly, July 2005 – Techwatch

Epic Products International (www.epicproducts.com), with its lengthy record of successful products for offset litho – such as Delta Dampening and on-press coating systems – has developed a promising inline coater for digital press equipment. One need only look at what electronic printing has done, and is doing, for sales of small-format bindery finishing and mailing equipment to see why Epic would want to enter this fertile ground. The market is growing rapidly, but toner-based printing has an Achilles heel – a higher tendency for scratching and abrasion during mailing. Coating is an important process that assists digital printing in overcoming this vulnerability.

Some digital press manufacturers have applied additional toning stations to apply a special “clear toner,” a system that requires additional equipment and off-line post-processing. Others simply run full coating off-line. These two-step (or more) processes limit coating options and are more expensive to perform.

Epic, in the development of a highly automated inline CTi-635 coating system for the Xerox iGen3 (with other versions to follow), has gone a step further in delivering full automation. It has transferred its traditional graphic arts coating technology to the iGen3, with results that are more durable and completely integrated electronically. That allows the system to coat and deliver finished sheets at the maximum speed of the iGen3: 100ppm. Epic’s custom-integrated electronics coat at the varying rates of digital presses, delivering sheets one after another, or via continuous feeding. Digitally printed works also are frequently produced intermittently when a variable print job finds some records speeding through faster and others at slower rates, depending on file complexity.

The CTi-635 inline coater’s controls (atop the fourth compartment in the six-unit device) are quite minimal compared to most anilox or other coaters. The operator simply selects the paper size from a menu of ranges, chooses the substrate thickness and hits the start button. There is an ability to fine-tune register, which can be adjusted from the control motorhome solar panels on the fly.

As the iGen3 runs, sheets are delivered into the Epic CTi635 coater station. A sheet detector senses jams, offering feedback on-line to the iGen3 so the press can automatically react to the situation and, if need be, shut down in an orderly fashion: sheets in the process of being printed go to the bypass tray stacker, instead of just stopping wherever they are on the paper path. This is an example of a peripheral reaching into the “smart press” functions. The Epic CTi-635 coater covers both overall and spot UV coating, with option for gloss or matte finish.

Finished sheets exit in sizes ranging from 7×7” to 14.33×22.5”. Samples examined were very even, and the coatings themselves enhanced the printed images in some cases.

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  1. Would like to get some immediate information about this product, as we are considering imminent purchase of a coating solution. Interested in full specifications, methodology, types of coating used, etc., as well as pricing. Please respond asap.


    Mike Chiricuzio
    Vice President of Operations
    LAK Advertising + VDP Direct

  2. Very sorry this was not responded too. We were not getting the WordPress forwarded. our bad.

    Did you get the infer you were seeking or is it still pending?



    Epic Products

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