Offset + Digital = Security Runs

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Combined press runs in two platforms open door to new type of work, April 2008 – Technology Watch

Document Security Systems (DSS), an anti-counterfeiting firm in Rochester, NY, recently won a patent dispute in The Hague, Netherlands. The judgment will allow it to pursue an infringement action against currency printers for all the paper Euros currently in circulation. It turns out that companies printing the Euro may have violated a security process of DSS.

Ironically, this may be one way to get the value of the Euro down a little by transferring some revenue to a US –based inventor. This case also points out the value in the use of multiple applications of printing processes to provide additional layers of protection to a wide range of products. Kodak’s Traceless technology – which uses microscopic quantities of a tracing chemical marker to distinguish real print jobs from fake one – is another good example of the emergence of techniques that employ a printed process to add product security.

How can the average day-in/day-out job run, for typical customers and standard-issue printing production facility, use technologies at hand to improve product security? One answer may lie in added techniques incorporated into coatings being applied to printed products. Epic Products, the Arlington, TX equipment maker long famed for its Dahlgren dampeners, is presenting one reasonable approach with its new CT-660 coater product.

The system, used offline or inline in either digital or offset applications, allows for mixing sparkling solids within the applied coating – in combination with a coater incorporating a flexographic cylinder delivering either spot coatings or flood coating.

This can make foe a reasonably effective, attractive and economically viable anti-counterfeiting measure for product packaging, or for imparting security control to high-value products such as lottery tickets. Often, such products use eight or more printing processes to make knock-offs nearly impossible. Today, with the emergence of wide-format inkjet and digital printing along with traditional offset, the typical printing plant may have the requisite diverse processes to offer something new and of value to customers by applying special coatings at the end of a multi-platform process.

Taking a closer look at the Epic technology, one finds strong doses of both printing industry technical knowledge and craftsmanship within its coater. Epic Products was one of the first companies to coat on an offset press. With more than 30 years of experience, it has designed coating systems for all types of traditional, heavy web and sheetfed graphic coating systems.

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