Epic helps Xerox eliminate a market barrier

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Xerox Business Innovation Partner Communiqu̩ РeNewsletter February 2011

Since its inception in 1977, Epic Products International has been a pioneer in the art of coating inline on offset presses. Commercial printers have since come to rely on the productivity gains of protecting documents with aqueous or UV coating at rated speeds – so much so that today, inline coating is an offset standard.

Flash forward 25 years to the launch of the iGen3 Digital Press. At the time, Anne Mulcahy wanted to capture current offset produced pages because the iGen offered comparable quality with the added benefits of short runs, variable data, reduced warehousing costs, etc.

After the initial launch, however the voice of many customers became unmistakable: coating is critical. Xerox understood that without a coating solution, it would be difficult to further their inroads into the offset market. And so began the relationship between Xerox and Epic.

Xerox recognized that because of Epic’s successful history in the offset coating market, they were best positioned to help provide comfort to, and credibility with, commercial printers.

At the time, Epic had already begun developing a digital coating solution based on conversations with offset customers who were considering transitioning to digital. Using techniques learned from that early development, as well as from over 30 years of technological know-how in offset, Epic developed the world’s first inline coater for a digital sheet-fed press.

Epic VP of Sales Mike Barisonek said, “Our relationship with Xerox truly benefits us both. From Xerox’s perspective, Anne’s vision of capturing more offset pages is achieved. By offering an in-line coating solution to their iGen customers, printing output has the same inherent qualities offset – in terms of quality and productivity. So now, when Xerox approaches a commercial printer, they can truly promote digital advantages with offset quality.

“From Epic’s perspective,” Barisonek continues, ‘It’s the same thing in reverse. Xerox gives us great exposure to the digital space. We still have our offset business, but now we’re well positioned to grow in the digital arena. In fact, based on selling upwards of 70 inline coating systems for the Xerox iGen over the past five years, we can honestly say the Xerox partnership is truly rewarding – and we expect it to continue well into the future.”


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