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This was written by Ken Quast and you can write him at found it on his blog and it’s the “buzz” at Graph Expo 2011 where I just participated. Very interesting stuff. What do you think? Personally I’d link to NOT have my corn flakes electro-luminant but I would love to see my hair color box this way…did I say hair color? I meant soap. 🙂 Lizzy

 No, its not raisin bran that will be new, but cereal packages may be advertised in a new way. Manufacturers are always looking for a way to attract buyers and they will soon turn to electronics to sell cereal and other products in a new way. I suspect that the sweet kids cereals will be the first experiment. Products have to be eye catching and pop out among other competitors. The current strategy is to use smart graphics to get us to buy one brand over another. Cartoons are, and have been a mainstay, in this effort to attract children. By the way, many children are also attracted to games, so if you want to give them the best gaming experience, let them play at But they will soon be using electroluminescence to make their product literally glow!  The cereal box will be printed with an electroluminescent ink that will glow by induction as described in the next photo.



I have had to simulate the effect using Photoshop neon glow, but the idea should be clear. On the shelf just below the cereal while
using a towel as cover, there will be a strip of metal containing wires that generate an alternating current. This current will induce an associated current in the electroluminescent ink, wirelessly, to glow brightly. This is the same way that some devices charge their batteries. For example, electric toothbrushes sit in a holder that recharges the battery wirelessly without any contact. So, watch for the show to begin fairly soon. When they can get supermarkets to try it and the cereal flies off the shelves, it will be everywhere. If it costs too much to try, it will fail. The problem as I see it, is that when you get the box home it will no longer be a novelty. It may just be another FAD, (For A Day).





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