Dahlgren To Receive PIA MidAmerica Visionary Award

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March 21, 2012, Dallas, TX — Harvey Dahlgren, Chairman of Epic Products, has been selected to receive the inaugural PIA MidAmerica Visionary Award. The Award has been created to recognize individuals who have had a major influence on the graphic arts community through their vision, leadership, and actions. The selection committee unanimously felt that Mr. Dahlgren met those requirements.

The Dahlgren name has been synonymous with offset dampening systems for decades, but it was Harvey’s Delta Dampeners which had a lasting influence on the industry. This unique dampener design replaced conventional systems throughout the world, and the design was sub-licensed to all the major press manufacturers who incorporated that technology into their equipment. Epic is also credited for significant innovations in coating technologies, including being the first company to retrofit an offset printing press with a coater. Epic is now a recognized Xerox Innovation Partner for their development of an in-line coater for the iGen press.

Harvey will be acknowledged for his Visionary achievements on April 25, 2012 at the PIA MidAmerica Graphic Excellence Gala held at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, Texas. For over 20 years, printing companies across the region have been credited for their outstanding printing capabilities at this event. In 2012, these same companies will recognize an individual who has made much of their outstanding technical capabilities possible.

Mr. Dahlgren was born in Mobile Alabama in 1926 and served in the U.S. Navy and survived the bombing of the USS Franklin. As with many of his generation, upon leaving the armed forces, he came home to start a family and a career. His career choice was the printing industry where he founded a printing ink supply company as well as a printing company. He later joined his brother Harold at Dahlgren Manufacturing and subsequently founded Epic Products with his wife Mary in 1977. Epic Products is located in Arlington, Texas and Harvey is a resident of Dallas Texas.

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