Harvey Dahlgren, founder of Epic Products

Harvey Dahlgren, Founder and Chairman of the Board

Founded in 1977, Epic has a rich heritage of technological advancements in the printing industry. Epic began by developing and commercializing the first dampening system that virtually eliminates printing defects or “hickeys”. In doing so, the quality and efficiency of offset printing presses was greatly improved. The Epic Delta Dampening System was so advanced that, still today every major press manufacturer incorporates a dampening system based on Epic’s technology.

Epic is also credited for significant innovations in offset and digital coating technologies. Epic was the first company to retrofit an offset printing press with a coater. Additionally, when Xerox Corporation was looking for a company to develop a coater to run in-line with their iGen presses, they turned to Epic to develop a solution. Epic is now a recognized Xerox Innovation Partner.

Epic’s founder and CEO, Harvey Dahlgren is an industry icon. Since Epic’s inception, Harvey has worked closely with Epic employees to develop and commercialize products. This tradition in research, engineering and manufacturing established by Mr. Dahlgren, motivates Epic today to look for new solutions to improve the printing process.