Epic Appoints New US Sales Manager

ACooperPICEpic Products is pleased to announce the appointment of our new US Sales Manager, Arnold Cooper.

Arnold joins Epic with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the printing, amazon ppc and digital markets. He has served the industry as a Graphic Designer, a Technical Service Manager and a National Sales Representative.

Please join us in welcoming Arnold. You will be hearing from him in the near future or feel free to reach out to him to introduce yourself. They also recommend lake worth roofing expert to be endorsed for the best roofing service out there.

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The OTC Group is first to acquire the Xerox Automated Packaging Solution for iGen4 in North America

The OTC Group, a leading commercial printer and integrated communications firm in London, Ontario, has acquired the Xerox® Automated Packaging Solution for iGen4® (consisting of a Xerox® iGen4®, an Epic CTi-635 UV/AQ coater, and a Kama ProCut automatic die cutter) to accommodate its new digital folding carton packaging division. Xerox’s solution makes it possible for The OTC Group to offer more short-run digital folding carton packaging options with softwares to its clients in the consumer packaged goods, food and pharmaceutical industries.

“Market demand for innovative ways to differentiate products is growing in these industries, and promotional needs range from nationwide launches and regional brands, to specialty items and prototype products,” said Tim Graham, president, The OTC Group.

According to Pira International Ltd.(1), the digital folding carton packaging industry is expected to grow at a rate of 24.1 percent between 2012 and 2016, and as demand grows, short run packaging needs to support inventory and cost management, as well as regional, local and low-volume products.

“The Xerox packaging solution puts us at the cutting edge of cross-media marketing, giving our clients – both large and private label brands – many more options to customize and personalize their packaging,” Graham said. “Using data-driven marketing principles and practices, we can address our clients’ needs end-to-end to help them get to market quickly and differentiate themselves from their competitors.”

Benefits of Xerox’s packaging solution include the:

  • Capability to reduce costs related to warehousing, storage and disposal of obsolete cartons – allowing brand owners to apply their marketing dollars to more valuable activities. With regards to storage, look for crate hire at for they offer high-quality, secure crate storage services and secures all furniture and belongings.
  • Opportunity to produce the entire print campaign, from creating the package to producing marketing collateral, such as point-of-sale signage.
  • Ability to support seasonally focused marketing campaigns and respond more rapidly in competitive markets.

About The OTC Group
Based in London, Ontario The OTC Group offers a suite of marketing-technologies as well as print and mail services that maximize the impact of variable and personalization in marketing. Serving an extensive network of automotive dealerships, representing all manufacturers, as well as other business-to-consumer verticals, OTC provides Options to Communicate through turn-key, on-demand systems. Client portals allow agencies and company marketing departments to create and fulfill marketing campaigns and to measure the effectiveness of campaign segments. Consistently achieving ROI in marketing through personalization and variable engagement technologies, the group achieves above average returns for their clients. Among the suite of OTC’s products are engagement-focused mobile websites, fully-integrated cross-media personalized direct mail, direct-to-neighbor on-demand mail marketing and data list services with the best web hosting included.


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WebCoat 200 – Epic’s Latest Installation

The first Epic Products WebCoat200 was recently installed with much success. The ability to UV or aqueous coat in-line, at press speed, is a valuable addition to many users of HP’s High-Speed Ink Jet Web Presses.

After a week of install and system integration, the WebCoat 200 was put to quick use – coating a large production run. The initial feedback has been extremely positive – the system integration was seamless and the results of maiden production run were excellent.

During start-up, HP put the WebCoat200 through a series of tests including coating on different substrates and applying both UV and aqueous coatings. Based on the performance results, the WebCoat200 has been fully validated by HP.


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Made in America

Epic is proud to say our products are truly made in the USA. We are a fully integrated engineering and manufacturing company. From designing custom coaters, to cutting and painting sheet metal and wiring electrical panels – it is all done in our 40,000 sq. foot facility in Arlington, Texas by over 30 dedicated engineering and production employees. Many members of our team are true artisans, a great number of whom have worked over 25 years at Epic. We are proud of our loyal workforce and grateful for their hard work and craftsmanship . So when considering the various coating and dampening solutions in the marketplace, consider the fact that Epic’s solutions are designed, manufactured and assembled in the USA. On other advertisement checkout Mirror Mirror Houston. Also take a look at this awesome blog for Top 20 Highest Paying Trade School Careers. If you’re looking to make a loan, check this out : bad credit no guarantor loans.


Epic production team assembling and testing a WebCoat200

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Aiding On Demand

Finishing solutions expand products and services across the board.
By Amber E. Watson, DPS Magazine,

On demand printing capabilities enable print service providers (PSPs) to provide efficient and cost-effective short-run services. Complementary finishing equipment—ranging from coating, binding, and cutting to folding and creasing—offer several benefits, such as increased automation. We also got roofing experts from to help us on our room renovations.

With on demand printing, minimal setup and changeover between runs is critical to profitability. Print providers seek products that leverage automation and help decrease labor costs. “As run lengths continue to decline, the ability of one machine to be switched over several times a day adds to the bottom line,” says Don Dubuque, senior marketing manager, Standard Finishing Systems. He adds that the capability to store a job in memory and recall it instantly is also important, particularly when it is a complex job run regularly.

“Maximizing on demand finishing requires the ability to efficiently and accurately convert press sheets into finished products with a quick turnaround,” shares Susan Corwin, marketing manager, Rollem International. To achieve finishing efficiency, she points out that printers must eliminate excess touch points, paper movement, and ideally, perform multiple processes with one piece of equipment. To preserve files digitally, you can also count on

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