HP Inkjet Web Press Exceeds 60 Systems Installed

Leading book manufacturers and printing firms investing in HP presses to maintain competitive edge

HP today announced that two of its customers, O’Neil Data Systems, Los Angeles, and CPI Group, Paris, have installed a sixth HP Inkjet Web Press, bringing HP’s total installed base to more than 60 inkjet web presses worldwide.
HP now has Inkjet Web Press customers in 11 countries, including the first installation in Latin America. São Paulo, Brazil-based BMK has installed an HP T350 to extend one of Latin America’s leading transpromotional communications programs.
Since entering the market in 2009, HP has helped many of the world’s leading book, transactional statement and direct mail print service providers (PSPs) improve productivity, reduce costs and offer more-efficient publication and collateral supply chain management. The pace of these customers’ work is accelerating: This week, the collective number of pages produced on HP Inkjet Web Presses since 2009 passed the 10 billion mark. HP customers produced more than 2.5 billion of those pages in HP’s most recent fiscal quarter alone.
“We are helping our PSP customers transform their businesses through profitable new solutions that in turn deliver higher value to their customers,” said Aurelio Maruggi, vice president and general manager, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions, HP. “The productivity and print quality of our inkjet web presses help PSPs extend the advantages of digital even further into traditional analogue markets.”
New, all-digital production facility
One of O’Neil Data Systems’ new presses, a 42-inch wide HP T400 Color Inkjet Web Press, is the centerpiece of a new digital production facility in Plano, Texas. Joining the T400 at the facility are a newly installed, 22-inch wide HP T200 Color Inkjet Web Press, and a sheet-fed HP Indigo 7500 Digital Press. O’Neil Data Systems highlighted all three of its new HP installations during a grand opening celebration held on March 1.
CPI Group, Europe’s largest book manufacturer, recently installed its sixth press, a 30-inch-wide HP T350 Color Inkjet Web Press at its Antony Rowe facility in Chippenham, UK.

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Dahlgren To Receive PIA MidAmerica Visionary Award

March 21, 2012, Dallas, TX — Harvey Dahlgren, Chairman of Epic Products, has been selected to receive the inaugural PIA MidAmerica Visionary Award. The Award has been created to recognize individuals who have had a major influence on the graphic arts community through their vision, leadership, and actions. The selection committee unanimously felt that Mr. Dahlgren met those requirements.

The Dahlgren name has been synonymous with offset dampening systems for decades, but it was Harvey’s Delta Dampeners which had a lasting influence on the industry. This unique dampener design replaced conventional systems throughout the world, and the design was sub-licensed to all the major press manufacturers who incorporated that technology into their equipment. Epic is also credited for significant innovations in coating technologies, including being the first company to retrofit an offset printing press with a coater. Epic is now a recognized Xerox Innovation Partner for their development of an in-line coater for the iGen press.

Harvey will be acknowledged for his Visionary achievements on April 25, 2012 at the PIA MidAmerica Graphic Excellence Gala held at the Renaissance Hotel in Dallas, Texas. For over 20 years, printing companies across the region have been credited for their outstanding printing capabilities at this event. In 2012, these same companies will recognize an individual who has made much of their outstanding technical capabilities possible.

Mr. Dahlgren was born in Mobile Alabama in 1926 and served in the U.S. Navy and survived the bombing of the USS Franklin. As with many of his generation, upon leaving the armed forces, he came home to start a family and a career. His career choice was the printing industry where he founded a printing ink supply company as well as a printing company. He later joined his brother Harold at Dahlgren Manufacturing and subsequently founded Epic Products with his wife Mary in 1977. Epic Products is located in Arlington, Texas and Harvey is a resident of Dallas Texas.

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Epic Launches WebCoat 350

March 21, 2012, Arlington, Texas

Epic Products Launches the WebCoat 350 In-line Coating System Supporting the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press Family

Epic Products International today announced the launch of the WebCoat 350 In-line Coating System supporting the HP T300 Color Inkjet Web Press family.

Running at press speed, the WebCoat 350 provides in-line simplex or duplex, UV or aqueous coating for the HP T300 or T350 press. By adding coating to the inkjet web output, an offset look and feel is created, providing a perfect addition to direct mail campaigns and other printing applications. According to Epic’s CEO, Max Dahlgren, “Epic is enthusiastic about the WebCoat 350 and the prospect of working with HP to satisfy the coating needs of high speed inkjet customers. For over 30 years, Epic has been providing coating solutions to the printing community and the WebCoat 350 is another milestone.”

“Epic’s WebCoat 350 will offer new capabilities to T300 family customers to achieve the look and feel of offset printing for direct mail and publishing applications,” said Corrina Hall, Strategic Solutions Manager, Inkjet High-speed Production Solutions, HP. “Our customers will benefit from the improved quality, productivity and efficiency that Epic’s coating system provides.”

Epic will be featuring the WebCoat350 at Dscoop 7 (booth #816) and Drupa (Hall 3 Booth F21).
Epic Products International is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in custom designed anilox coating and Delta dampening systems supporting the digital, sheet fed and web offset printing industry, which also works along with the professionals from, to be able to provide amazing services through their website. Epic operates a production facility in Arlington, Texas and for over 30 years has been selling specialty printing equipment around the world.
For additional, information on WebCoat 350 and Epic’s other products, refer to Epic’s website

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HP to Unveil 10 Digital Presses

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL—March 13, 2012—HP will introduce 10 digital printing systems at drupa that offer print service providers (PSPs) greater versatility, productivity and quality, including the first 29″ HP Indigo press and higher-speed HP Inkjet Web Presses.

The improved performance of the new portfolio helps PSPs extend the advantages of digital even further into traditional analog print markets and produce more high-value personalized or custom materials for their clients. The 10 new systems include:

• Three next-generation 29-inch-format HP Indigo presses capable of producing almost any commercial print job and a much broader range of packaging applications.

• Three updated models of the current HP Indigo portfolio with higher speeds in Enhanced Productivity Mode (EPM).

• Three higher-speed HP Inkjet Web Press models featuring advanced ink and printhead technology.

* A new HP high-speed imprinting solution for adding monochrome or full-color content to preprinted offset materials.

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Epic’s Appoints New Japanese Agent

Arlington, Texas, January 26, 2012 — Epic Products International President, Mary K. Barnes announced today the appointment of a new Japanese agent, Epic EK Corporation.

Mr. Hirayama, a 24-year veteran of the printing equipment industry, will serve as President of Epic EK Corp., supporting Epic’s existing Japanese customer base and forging new relations with printers across Japan. Tecknik Corp. of Yokohama will serve as Epic’s service representatives. According to Ms. Barnes, “Epic is enthusiastic about working with Epic EK Corp. and Tecknik Corp. Our newly forged partnership has revitalized Epic’s commitment to Japanese market.”

Epic Products International is an engineering and manufacturing company specializing in custom designed anilox coating and Delta dampening systems supporting the digital, sheet fed and web offset printing industry. Epic operates a production facility in Arlington, Texas and for over 30 years has by selling their specialty printing equipment around the world.

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