Can Tech Vietnam

Epic Products has been supplying Asian three-piece can manufacturers with Delta Dampening Systems for many years. For the first time however, we participated in a regional conference sponsored by CanTech. Over 350 suppliers and manufactures from all over Southeast Asia assembled at the beautiful Rex Hotel in Central Ho Chi Minh City to discuss the intricacies of the Asian metal packaging market.

Mike Barisonek, Epic’s VP of Sales & Marketing was a featured presenter discussing the Challenges of Ink-Water Balance, an excellent opportunity for Epic to showcase our products. He also had a chance to meet face-to-face with long-time customers and meet many potential customers. Listening to the outstanding keynote addresses given by local producers and touring a Crown facility, brought things into even better prospective. The region offers significant potential, the economies are growing and three-piece cans remain a very viable packaging option!

Mike taking in some local sights

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Paperboard Packaging Seminar at Clemson




Last week I was a content contributor, introducing Epic Delta Dampeners and Epic Anilox coating systems, at the Paperboard Packaging Seminar held at the Sonoco Institute at Clemson University. The two day intensive training covered the details of paperboard and printing processes for the new or newly remapped packaging professional. Even with 25 years in the business, there was much to learn and think about and interesting people to meet.  Considering the cost of paperboard, it’s even more important to reduce make readies and get to sellable color fast! Sustainability is on everyone’s mind; paper is a renewable resource unlike other forms of packaging. Fast growing trees are farmed for the purpose of creating packaging and all the by products are used in various ways that would surprise you. For tree Lopping in Perth, visit

Contact Dan Malenke at to improve your team’s knowledge of Paperboard Packaging.

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Epic’s Delta Dampening Helps Crown Win Best in Show

Philadelphia, PA – July 27, 2011. CROWN Aerosol Packaging North America, received two “Excellence in Quality” awards from the International Metal Decorators Association (IMDA), including the “2011 Grand Award” honor. IMDA presented the awards to Crown in recognition of its printing capabilities on limited edition packaging for WD-40 Company’s “Support Our Troops” campaign. The collectible series of aerosol cans were created to honor American military forces.

The series consisted of four different can designs that contained a wide range of colors: three depicting the United States’ air, sea and land forces and one combined graphic, titled ‘Honor,’ showcasing all five branches of the military, including the Coast Guard. The “Sea/Navy” can, combining blues and greens, won the “Best of Category” award in the aerosol class, while the “Honor” design, containing a wide range of blue shades, was singled out among all the entries for the event’s top prize: 2011 Grand Award.

Crown’s winning aerosol cans are the result of close collaboration with the WD-40 Company and its design agency. Crown worked with the concept designs early in the development process to more efficiently evaluate how each image would appear when actually on the printing press. This step proved invaluable, as it allowed the graphics teams to make adjustments to accommodate the complex colors, including WD-40’s signature blue. Crown’s graphic experts provided color correction and blending support and also ensured that common design elements across the four graphics, such as the military stars, all retained the same level of intensity.

Crown also conceived a “jumbled” printing strategy that placed all four designs on a single printing plate to ensure that designs would be pre-mixed on the pallets being shipped to contract fillers around the United States. The typical printing process for aerosol cans calls for a single graphic design to be printed on a flat sheet of metal, which ultimately would have required a labor intensive hand sorting process to achieve the same mix.

“Just having been able to participate in this project was an honor for Crown, as it pays tribute to members of our Armed Services around the world. It also makes being recognized by IMDA for the work on this project especially meaningfull,” said Brad Dahlgren, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, CROWN Aerosol Packaging North America. “It’s a testament to the skill of our graphics team in Aurora, Illinois, and demonstrates the powerful results that can come from working in close partnership with our customers.”

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Thank you for visiting us in Chicago

We were like nomads in our booths at the Graph Expo 2011 trade show. We came from all corners of the world to see the latest and catch up personally with our customers and of course to make new customers. I’m still writing thank you note and I received this photo today from a team of print equipment distributors from Denmark. If you want personal customer care and printing expertise in Denmark do connect with Henriette Moller at printech. +45 2535 4101. I was impressed and you know that’s not easy to do! Wink.-Lizzy

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Variable Data Packaging is HERE

It might have been an add on for your customers to pull the trigger for coating this year but in variable data packaging it’s a MUST to be able to glue the box and have some shelf life as well. Check out this movie from Xerox. It’s as if you can see through our machine!

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