PrimeCoat – Priming/Coating System for Inkjet Web Presses

Supporting HP’s Color Inkjet Web Presses

HP, in conjunction with Epic Products, has developed the Epic PrimeCoat System to support HP’s Priming Solution. The PrimeCoat enables HP Inkjet Web Press users to print on a broader range of media, including standard offset coated stocks. Available in both in-line and near configurations, the Epic PrimeCoat uses anilox technology to apply aqueous primer or coating simultaneously to both sides of the web.

PrimeCoat _hudgens

  • Available in both in-line and near-line configuration
  • Precisely and consistently applies primer or coating via an anilox metering system
  • Applies Priming Agent or aqueous coatings in simplex or duplex mode
  • Configuration – prime/coat, IR dry with web cooling
  • Significantly reduce media costs
  • Broaden inkjet web media offering
  • Preserve print quality and productivity
  • Control the process – reduce long lead times on pretreated stocks
  • Web Widths: 16″ – 42” (40cm – 106cm)
  • Paper Weight: 60 – 350 gsm
  • Priming: HP aqueous-based Priming Agent
  • Coating: Conventional aqueous-based coatings
  • Media: Standard offset coated stock
  • Hardware Requirements: Rewinders for near-line configuration or use in-line with HP Inkjet Web Presses
  • Operating Speeds: 600ft/min (183m/min)
  • Dimensions: 112″ width x 144″ length x 108″ height (284cm x 365cm x 274cm)