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Gain Precise Control when Coating on a Converting Line

By applying liquids with a high degree of precision, the Epic PLA can save time, money and material in paper manufacturing or converting operations.

The Epic Precision Liquid Applicator (PLA) provides reliable and cost efficient accuracy in the application of aqueous, solvent based, catalytic, electron beam, UV or carbonless coatings. It is designed to be used in a wide range of coating functions, including single or simultaneous double sided coating.


  • Cost effective
  • Precise
  • Supports wide range of coatings including: aqueous, solvent based, catalytic, electron beam, UV or carbonless
  • Coats both single or simultaneous double sided
  • Transfers liquid films from 3 to 15 microns thick
  • No slinging or spattering
  • Delivers a constant linear film thickness at any web speed
  • Designed for surface coating, controlled penetration coating and/or decurling for paper manufacturing and converting
  • Safe and simple to operate
  • Supports solvents, solids and rheologies coatings
  • Fast and easy single operator control
  • Roll-to-roll pressures and skewing measured by dial indicator and adjusted via hand-wheels with internal scales
  • Maintains a constant and accurate linear film thickness at roll speeds of 5000 fpm
  • Requires no viscosity adjustment for speed changes
  • Lowers paper and coating waste
  • Less coating needed to deliver pin hole and pattern free coating

3 Mode Functions

  • Provides accurate and dependable single sided coating
  • Allows close regulation of material application, with constant coat weight regardless of speed
  • Able to run varying web widths without edge buildup
  • Designed for web following and automatic startup and shutdown
  • Supports both forward and reverse roll coatings
  • Installed with a horizontal web path arrangement
  • Simultaneously applies the same or different coatings to both sides of the web
  • Costs less and takes up less space than installing two separate coaters
  • Ideally suited for controlling web curl under demanding paper and broad processing conditions
  • Decurls the web through the controlled penetration of water into the sheet
  • Close tolerance addition of moisture relaxes the sheet, eliminating curl
  • Creates a consistently flat surface
  • Drives moisture into the sheet fibers producing virtually no surface moisture
  • Accurately and reliably applies moisture to virtually any paper or board, at full production speeds


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