Training Center

Better Training Results in Better Printing

As part of Epic’s total commitment to customer education and training, we offer an RIT-designed course. The program is designed to improve the press operator’s understanding and operation of the Delta Dampening System and/or In-line Offset Coating. The attendees will learn about basic lithography, press technologies, troubleshooting and overall print quality controls and receive  hands-on experience on a 40″ two-color press equipped with the Epic Delta Dampener, Epic’s In-Line Coating System, hot air knives and an infrared drying unit. Anyone seeking to improve the quality and performance of their printing operation would be an ideal candidate for this course.


Two and half days of instruction


Epic Products International headquarters, Arlington, Texas USA – conveniently located near air and local ground transportation, lodging and restaurant facilities.


Training is open to all current and prospective Epic customers. For detailed information on course schedules or to register for an upcoming session, contact us at 817-640-3037 or

Areas of Training

The program offers extensive technical training on the Delta Dampener, including:

  • Roller Settings: Stripe Settings – Skewing Adjustments – Pneumatic Control Adjustments – Metering/Transfer Roller Adjustment
  • Operations: Press Chemistry – Color Fidelity – Ink & Water Balance – Maintenance & Clean-up
  • Troubleshooting: Ink Drying – Piling – Tinting/Toning – Scumming – Dot Gain/Plugging – Uneven Ink Feeding – Foaming – Streaks

The program also offers detailed instruction on the use and benefits of coatings with Epic’s In-Line Coating Systems, including:

  • Overall and Pattern Coating
  • The Use of Raised Image Plates
  • Epic Pattern Coat 501
  • Drying Equipment & Procedures

The focus and content can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of each member attending class.