[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”]”We absolutely love our Epic CT-660 Coater. We have been running it around the clock. It is doing a great job for us. We also have received great support from Epic.”

– Jeff Cox • Budco • Highland, MI

A new press simply wasn’t in the cards. Epic’s Delta Dampening has helped to keep us competitive. We are producing faster now because we don’t have to stop the press to remove hickeys. Dot gain and dot structure have really improved. The solids are very full and ink colors remain consistently vibrant.

– Bruno Amatter • Millcross Litho • Portland, OR

“The biggest benefit for our firm – considerably less waste at start-up. Truer water and color are also big pluses. I installed three Epic systems. The systems have performed as well as Epic promised and the company has been very supportive – particularly with the schooling they provide for the operators.
– Jack Parrish • Mead School and Office Products • St. Joseph, MO

Epic’s Delta Dampening System offers three advantages:

  1. Faster run speeds
  2. Reduction in ink usage – by 10%
  3. Considerable reduction in scrap

– Randy Stiteler • Carton Service • Shelby, OH

“After a close inspection of three coating machines, the decision was very clear – the Epic CT-660. It was easy to operate. We didn’t need a technical engineer to get the job done. Also, the 660 offered gloss and dull coating along with a variety of size configurations. Another strong consideration was the safety factor. The Epic coater is an enclosed unit, which keeps odors and UV light leakage out of the pressroom.
– Jimmy Friend • The University of North Texas Print Shop • Denton, TX,”

“Epic’s Delta Dampening System has been great for us in terms of speeding up start-ups and make readies. It’s also done a great job of running solids. Solids come through consistent and clean. Overall I’d have to say we’re very pleased.” – Randy Nein • The Printing Company • Canal Winchester, OH


[/column] [column width=”47%” padding=”0″]”The Epic Delta Dampening System has done a fantastic job eliminating hickeys. It’s given us a significant return on our investment in terms of reducing make ready stock. In fact, all scrap has been reduced significantly.” – Marty Vavra • Walmart Printing • Bentonville, AR

The best feature of Epic Delta is that we get product through the press and to the customer faster. We don’t have to allow for dry-time. Epic also provides very good customer service. We’ve been very happy with the system, there’s nothing out there that’s better. Overall quality has greatly improved. Ink coverage has improved and we have no hickeys. We can be up to speed within the first 10 sheets, previously it took 40 sheets. Ink usage is way down.

– Mike Sulla • Sulla’s Printing • Rochester, MN

“Our direct mail clients love the quality and pop advertising gets with the UV finish and the peace of mind they get knowing that their direct mail communications are protected. We like the versatility of Epic’s machine – easily changing from gloss to matte or satin as well as the ability to do spot coating. This versatility has allowed us to create many unique products for both our direct mail and photo products customers. Finally, our operators are very happy with the speed and ease of use of the Epic CT- 660 coater. Overall, we’re very happy we chose Epic’s coater.”
– Mike Limbach • Proven Direct • Milwaukee, WI

We were one of the original users of the Epic Delta Dampening System, we are firm believers. The main benefit we see – running virtually hickey free. A secondary benefit – color is easier to maintain. We used to have dust problems, now we’re not concerned with dust at all. In terms of ROI, being able to keep the press running really pays over time.  Time and materials savings have made us firm believers.

– Gary Riecke • Midland Packaging • Lincoln, NE

“Epic custom designed and installed a coater for our M600 web press. The installation went smoothly and the training and service we received from Epic was first rate. By adding the in-line coater, Panaprint has been able to broaden our print offering and have a favorable return on our investment.”
– Wanzie Collins, Chairman & CEO •  Panaprint, Inc. • Macon, GA

We installed Epic’s Delta Dampening System a KBA press. Based on the excellent results, a second Epic system was installed on another KBA press. The average payback time for the two presses was conservatively verified at 14 months. Substantial reduction in make ready times, elimination of ghosting and virtual elimination of hickeys was experienced. – Mark Orendorff, Director of Manufacturing Services • Great Northern Corp. • Chippewa Falls, WI