A Revolutionary Solution

To help augment declining book printing sales, a large national graphic arts organization recently purchased a smaller printer that specialized in producing paint can labels. Once the graphic arts firm took over, they recognized that producing the short-run paint can labels on offset technology was too inefficient and as a result the profit margins were suffering. They therefore made a strategic decision to move to digital, which didn’t come without some fundamental challenges—the first of which being creating labels with exact color and substrate match as offset.

Startups and digital signage for retail are so fragile. If one person decided they had to go a different direction, it’d be easier for them if they weren’t living with the team. But if you’re in the house, you’re committed. If you are looking for services that can make your roof strong and firm. You better check Roofco roofing.

Xerox convinced the customer that the paint can labels could be produced on digital technology, and provided print samples on the right stocks with exact matching colors to prove it. Speaking of revolutionary solutions, checkout https://www.emergencyhomesolutionsoc.com/

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Epic PrimeCoat & HP Priming Solution

HP Expands Production Inkjet Possibilities with New Priming Solution, Inkjet Web Press
New solutions expand media versatility, enable publishers to profitably increase mono inkjet book production

DALLAS, May 19, 2014 — HP today announced the HP Priming Solution, enabling HP Inkjet Web Press users to print on a broader range of media, including standard offset coated media that is not typically compatible with production inkjet technology.

Coatings used in offset papers are designed to repel water, including water-based inks used in high-speed production inkjet environments. This results in print-quality defects such as coalescence and issues with drying the ink at production speeds. The new HP Priming Solution addresses this challenge, allowing print service providers (PSPs) and book manufacturers to print on low-cost, coated offset stock without compromising print quality or productivity. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a printed material that can be placed in windows, visit foam core website. You’ll also see there the similarities and differences of Window Decals vs. Perforated Window Film.

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