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Add Value and Eliminate Secondary Operations

Custom engineered systems are available for virtually any web offset or converting configuration including wet trap aqueous and UV application.

Epic’s advanced in-line web coaters add value, quality and appeal to web press operations, while eliminating time-consuming secondary operations. Ultimately using Epic’s in-line web coaters will increase profits and create quality impressions.

In-line Dry Trap Coating – SSDT

  • Provides one-sided, overall coating after the drying process
  • Small enough to fit in a press without opening it up or rebuilding it
  • Easily installed on a press with two pass heat set ovens
  • Water based coatings can be applied at speeds up to 2500 fpm
  • Applies a wide range of coating viscosities
  • Can be made portable for use on multiple press lines
  • Coating speed matches any web press
  • Does not require “special” cylinders with different cell sizes to meter different coatings
  • Coating weight can be changed on the run
  • Variable speed drive with automatic following and independent manual control

In-line Pattern Coating System for Aqueous or UV

  • Coating laydown is consistently streak and pin-hole free
  • Requires no special web routing when in use
  • Coat weight can be changed on the fly
  • Applies water or solvent-based or UV coatings without smearing or set-off
  • Supports high gloss, rub resistance, oil and moisture resistant and anti-slip coatings
  • No limitation on types of stock, can coat label to cover
  • Quick make-readies
  • Easy to install
  • Requires little operator training – easy to operate
  • Capable of overall or pattern coat
  • Single or double side configurations available
  • Servo driven plate cylinder provides “shaftless” closed-loop optical circumferential registration
  • Motorized lateral register for pattern coating
  • Magnetic plate cylinder
  • Laser engraved ceramic anilox roller
  • Enclosed doctor blade system